Legal structure of complex projects

– Risk analysis and legal structure of construction projects
– Inter-company cooperation agreements and incorporation of project companies

Analysis, drafting and negotiation of contracts

– Public procurement contracts and private construction contracts
– International construction contracts (FIDIC/ NEC/ BOT/ DBFO, etc.)
– Subcontracts and procurement contracts

Legal assistance in construction projects before and after delivery of the works

– Relationship management between project owners, general contractors, co-contractors, sub-contractors and providers
– Delay and additional cost analysis/ Claims
– Post-delivery warranties

Negotiation and dispute resolution

– Conciliation/ Mediation
– Dispute Boards
– Court-ordered and private expert proceedings
– Litigation
– International Arbitration
– Recognition and enforcement of court judgements and arbitral awards

Professional training

– Legal analysis of construction contracts and risk management with respect to complex projects
– International construction contracts
– Legal effects of domestic legislation on international construction projects